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This static is so good it even lags sometimes LO

I'm a bit confused tbh. You could really benefit from a list of controls and a clear explanation of your game mechanics. I accidentally skipped over the intro the first time I played, but honestly it didn't tell me much, either in story or gameplay.

Also while the fog effect is really interesting, because the game is in black and white and very simple, with a lot of similar looking graphics, between that and the size of the map I got completely lost. Either a smaller map or more distinct landmarks could help with this, possibly an in-game map somewhere if you're feeling generous. Maybe a way to know where you've been before? idk

As it is right now, it feels like a less scary version of Slenderman.

We currently are trying to flesh out the story and trying to make it more clear to the player.  we will definitely try to improve on those areas of the game.

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I think the concept is really interesting. The set up just doesn't make sense to me. I feel like there is a lot missing content wise that would get me to care about what happens to the main character. Also, there is nothing that explains the combat in the slightest.

This is me and my groups first game so we don't have a good idea of how to build a game narratively yet.  but we will definitely try to improve on those areas in the game.

i saw about nanimo? but it didnt end me from walking i guess


No horror? Should be called "pointless cookie collector"

The cookies are a placeholder for now.

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good prototype